Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

with the sound of grunting...

Last night we did a speed workout on... you guessed it... HILLS!!! Or hill I should say! We did repeats up and down the west side bridle path hill in Central Park. We focused on speeding up the hill hard, and then recovering down the hill easily. As a beginner, I was only supposed to do 4 sets. However, when you spend part of the morning and afternoon dissing your head coach via e-mail... well, you know what they say about payback:-) I ended up doing 5.

The real challenge though wasn't the uphill speed workout. It was dodging dung-filled landmines in the dark. Amazingly, I somehow managed to out-maneuver the manure and made it home with totally horse poop-free shoes.

We could have a real adventure during this weekend's training session weather-wise. Supposedly, we're due for a Nor'easter. It's one of our long walk days, too! As in 12 miles long! That could be real fun in the wind and rain, not to mention having to deal with weekend mass-transit in bad weather. My $10 says that there will be at least one delay due to a "signal problem" on the #7 line at either Willets Point or Hunters Point. The #7 train always has "signal problems" in bad weather. I swear, it must be the MTA's version of PMS!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Wave Invite for First 5 Donations of $20 or More

I have a supply of Google Wave invites available.

I am giving FIVE (5) of them away to the first five people to make a donation of $20 or more via my Team in Training web page at

You MUST be in the first five today to receive a Google Wave invite. I receive timestamped notifications of online donations, and will base the winners on these. First come, first served. I may hold another giveaway tomorrow, but it depends on how many I need for my personal use.