Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today is Kick-off Day

Or should I say, today was kick-off day. What a great experience! While I'm still a bit nervous about the fundraising part, I'm feeling more comfortable about my ability to eventually walk a full marathon.

Today, we met our mentors, coaches, honored team members (who are a very inspiring group), including one woman who was just diagnosed, came to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on Wednesday, I think, and said she now feels a lot less alone and like she's found a "home".

The meeting was followed by a quick group training session, or GTS as it's referred to. I felt really good about being in the front end of the walking group. It lasted about a half hour, and it was roughly 2 miles . I should start keeping better track of this stuff on my pedometer. I do know that, when I got off the subway in Manhattan, my pedometer read .72 miles, and when we got back to the 92nd Street Y, it was up to 3.65 miles. Now, after I've returned home and run to the store twice, it's up to a total of 5.38 miles as of 5:20pm ET. Not bad!

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