Saturday, April 4, 2015

Two weeks of training down...

Roughly another eight weeks of training to go:-)

Today, I bought my first foam roller. For my non-racing friends (notice, I didn't say non-running friends), a foam roller is what can best be described as the 21st century equivalent of a medieval torture device. I didn't think this at first. I was doing fine until I reached the part of the instructional DVD that targeted my upper legs. OMG that thing HURT!!! It also makes me wonder what the hell is going on inside my upper thighs. All I can say is OWWW!!! (Okay, I said a lot more than "OWWW!", but I'm trying not to repeat that particular string of profanity in print.:-) Below is a picture of my new foam roller. It looks innocent enough, but inside that neon green cylinder of foam is a sadistic streak that would make the Maquis de Sade proud.

I'm currently training for both The Color Run 5K, and the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K with Team in Training's PLUS Team. Both races are at the end of May. One is just for fun, and the other is a fun fundraiser. If you can spare a few dollars to help me reach my $500.00 fundraising minimum, it will help support cancer patients and cancer research. To do so, you can visit

Thank you in advance for your support of my efforts!

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