Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Push-ups and Other Training Tortures

I just attempted 15 push-ups as part of my strength training routine. Good thing there wasn't a camera around, because that would've made some really funny YouTube video! I totally suck at push-ups! The last few were more like drag-my-butt-off-the-floor-ups. Really, it was that bad! Static lunges weren't too bad, and eventually I have to attempt some planks. Yippee!!!

But, on a very positive note, I received two checks in the mail today in response to the fund raising letters I mailed out last weekend. One was for a hundred dollars!!! WOOHOO!!! Go me!!! I also thought of a really cool company to approach for a corporate sponsorship, and have the letter all written and ready to go. If they go for it, it will be awesome!

So far, I have over $700.00 in combined pledges and donations, of which I've actually I collected just over $400.00!!! If this keeps up, I will be very happy and able to put the fundraising worry behind me, so I can focus more fully on actual training.

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